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Don't take my word for it - take theirs...after all, these people talk for a living!


A wonderful person with a lot of knowledge and experience to share! I'm super thankful to be able to learn from Josh!

- Samantha Philyaw, Voice Talent

I highly recommend the absolutely wonderful Joshua Alexander for any of your voice over business needs!! Joshua offered me a free consultation at the very introductory stages of my career... but I got so much more than that. He was so kind, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly in a world that can be extremely overwhelming at first.  It's so very rare that people show the kind of dedication and support to complete strangers who are looking to enter the voice over world business. I try and do what I can to pay Joshua's kindnesses that I received forward and I hold him in the highest of esteem. Please don't hesitate to work with Joshua TODAY and contact me if you have any questions. 

- Steve Snyder, Voice Talent

When I first started out, Josh went out of his way to offer his time and advice to help me understand some of the realities that I would (and did) encounter. His transparency in his own business efforts helped me set realistic expectations as well as understand where things could go. I highly recommend him to help anyone starting out in trying to figure how to market themselves and the efforts they should take on.

- Andy Lipschultz, Voice Talent

I have been lucky enough to have been training and engaging with Josh Alexander now for approx. 2 years. I have used his ‘Hobby to Enterprise’ online course and Zoom webinar as the basis of structuring the growth of my own VO business. I have also invested in some of his document templates to help me navigate the legal spaces and administrative requirements with ease for platforms such as Voice123.com. What has always struck me about Josh is the sheer speed of response time. I swear the guy doesn’t sleep as I am in Europe and he seems to reply almost immediately no matter what time of day! His support and cheerleading for everyone he engages with is personable and very welcome, and I know I speak for the many. If you want to take your own voice-over business to the next level, I cannot recommend a better and more ‘value-for-money’ investment as Josh’s wide array of training services.

- Colette Redgrave, Voice Talent

I came across Joshua's offer of a free 30 minute consultation for beginner voice over talent on Reddit in January 2022. This short chat with Joshua filled me with enthusiasm for VO (his positivity is infectious), and even better ... a plan to move forward with.  Immediately after, I received his well thought out and structured post-call emails which offered encouragement, a community to be a part of, and a simple, yet clearly defined way forward into the world of voice overs. He has single handedly changed how I perceive, and approach the voice over business. Joshua Alexander is a pillar of the Voice Over community who gives unselfishly to others, solely with the intent to help. Thank you, Joshua. 

- Susheel C, Voice Talent

There is one word that fully encompasses Josh Alexander, consistent.  Josh is consistently there for the VO community.  He offers daily tips and encouragement to the community, has shared his business acumen, and continues to not only show how to carry yourself in this industry, but more importantly, how to stay humble and give back to those following behind.  If you are a voice actor, get to know Josh...he's a great voice artist, and an even better person!

- Patrick Conroy, Voice Talent

Exceptionally Talented. Incredibly Kind. Always Giving. In three sentences, that is Josh Alexander. Throughout my budding VO journey, Josh has been a mentor and steward of showing me industry best practices through the many resources he has published and the generous time he’s provided to answer the thousands of emails I send him a day year. It goes without saying that an investment in what Josh offers is a rich investment in yourself and the success of your VO business. Thank you, Josh!

- Reid Montague, Voice Talent

Josh is one of the most selfless and giving members of the voiceover community, period. His insights, training, coaching, resources, and genuine desire to help and serve are literally among the best in this entire industry. Whether you're starting out in voiceover or trying to figure out 'what to do next', Josh is a GO-TO resource and all at an incredibly affordable rate. What are you waiting for? A written invitation! Well, here you go!

- Mike Ciporkin, Voice Talent

What did I think? Mind blown!!! Josh has a grasp on a industry that sometimes we all feel like may be slipping from our fingers. He is open and honest about his experiences during his VO journey. You will get more than a few takeaways to help you with your own journey. This is well worth the time and investment.

- Jon Ciano, Voice Talent

What an amazing workshop today with @seattlevoiceguy discussing how to run your VoiceOver business like an enterprise.

- Trisha Lynn, Voice Talent

There is so much to process, I'll be watching the recording several times to incorporate elements into my business. This is one of the best values around. Thank you @seattlevoiceguy!!

- JD Gibson, Voice Talent

I joined a fabulous VO business workshop yesterday. @seattlevoiceguy is a fountain of knowledge. I highly suggest anyone needing insight on growing their VO business to give him a shout. Your focus determines your reality. #joshalexanderworkshops #voiceover #phantommenace

- Corey Bain, Voice Talent

Thanks so much for such a great workshop today; I learned so much and I'm feeling so fired up!

- Andrea Entz, Voice Talent

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this, Josh. So much valuable information! And thanks to my fellow attendees for asking such great questions and generally being so supportive. I love this community!

- Jennifer Fen Lanham, Voice Talent

All I gotta say is: bring extra pens and paper, someone to massage your tired wrist, someone to handle potential distractions, double check to make sure your internet connection is solid because there will be an enormous amount of information and generous giving from Joshua that will not disappoint. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

- José Berrios, Voice Talent

This is a no brainer! If you're even minimally considering taking VO to the next level, this is one investment you definitely want to make. Josh's branding is no joke! He's a super guy, with super insight, and a super generous heart willing to share what he's learned over the years. Do yourself a favor and sign up!

- Tyler Robbert, Voice Talent

Josh is one of the most genuine people I have ever met in voice-over. His wisdom and expertise have been monumental in guiding me towards my goals of achieving Voice Over success! Get this workshop! You will not be disappointed!

- John Simmons, Voice Talent

Joshua Alexander’s “The Business of Voiceovers: Hobby, or Career” workshop in April of 2019 was a game changer.   Not only was his presentation engaging and inspirational…it was full on JAM-PACKED with information that’s current in todays ever evolving VO marketplace.  Joshua’s innovative ways to connect and secure work with potential clients is a testament to his success in the competitive field of voiceover.  He basically pulled back the curtain for a behind the scenes peek of how he’s prospered, and THEN provided everyone with a playbook on how to do it themselves!  (That was probably a dumb move on his part…but a major plus for those who didn’t point it out). In addition to the plentiful platters of food and beverages, Joshua’s passion and gratitude for the business of voiceover permeated from every pore of his being.  That was another wonderful benefit everyone got to take home!

– Scott Burns, Voice Talent / Producer / Voice Coach

Joshua's classes are top notch!  He has great material, an easy to absorb teaching method, and wonderful students to network with as well as learn from.  Will definitely take another class!

Michael Kerns, Voice Actor

I attended Joshua’s Marketing, SEO & Business Workshop for Voiceover Talent in November 2018. I came away with a WEALTH of information and a better understanding of how to optimize my site and keep it optimized amidst the ever-changing rules of SEO. Joshua’s style of teaching is relaxed, fun and very informative. In his many years of running a successful business, he has learned countless methods for maximizing his time and efforts without sacrificing excellence. Thankfully, he’s a generous soul who is happy to share is wisdom with his friends and colleagues. I highly recommend any of Joshua’s workshops; whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, there’s always more to learn and Josh makes it easy to stay on top of a rapidly changing industry.

– Leigh Laird, Voice Talent

Joshua Alexander is an excellent teacher and friend. I’ve taken all his workshops related to voice acting. How to become a serious voice actor, how to treat voice acting as a business and how to find out if voice acting is your passion or a hobby. He gives you an excellent and realistic introduction and uses personal experience as samples in them. On top of that, his advice is accurate and true since he is an active voice talent with more than 10 years of experience; he knows all you want to know about voice acting. Another plus is that the workshops are affordable, you can pay each workshop individually online, or at the beginning of the workshop itself. This is a great advantage over other workshops I’ve seen or taken, for if you are not sure if you want to fully commit to the education, the expenses related to starting are too much at the moment, if you were just looking to get your feet wet, or you simply decide voice acting is not for you, there is the advantage that you can stop going since it’s not a semester commitment or a program that you paid ahead before finding out if you were really into the subject or not. In retrospective I recommend anyone seeking to find out more about voice acting to contact  with Joshua Alexander and take his valid and very relatable workshops about the world of voice overs, either because you want a career change or just want to find out more out of curiosity, I cannot stop insisting that these workshops are the best place to begin.

Gabriel Uriarte, Voice Talent

It was a pleasure to learn from him! Having worked before in VO, but in another language, and coming from other country, Joshua was the perfect instructor to guide me on my re-insertion to the VO market. Knowledgeable, funny and with a warm approach, he is definitely on top of his game and not afraid to help others to continue with their VO journey.

– Sixta Morel, Voice Talent

I am VERY new to the voiceover industry and had literally no idea where to start. I attended one of Josh's workshops and was blown away!!!  Not only did he keep every person in that room engaged during the whole program, but we walked away with priceless knowledge.  I now have my "next steps" and know exactly what I need to do to get the ball rolling.  I know what resources to turn to when trying to negotiate pricing with potential clients.  I even know who to reach out to for coaching opportunities!  If you are trying to break into this industry, or even trying to sharpen yourself as a voiceover artist, you NEED to consider Joshua Alexander. You will regret missing out on this!!!

Zachary David, Voice Talent

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Business Coaching Session (Single 1/2-Hour Session)


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