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Joshua Alexander Voiceover Workshops

Making Money In VO

A new workshop is...in the works...in the shop.  It's called "Making Money in VO."  After all, isn't that why you got into this?  Perhaps you got into it for the fun...the enjoyment...the thrill of being chosen.  Is that, and making money, supposed to be mutually exclusive?  Perhaps you're stuck at a certain income tier and not really sure how to actually monetize all of your efforts.  Maybe you're dealing with imposter syndrome and struggling to convince yourself of your own worth.  Or you're just having difficulty seeing yourself as an entrepreneur.

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And check out these two awesome regular workshops that I hold:


Audition Like A Pro

A Voiceover Virtual Workshop

The entire auditioning process from start to finish! Multiple Screen Views. Real-time Auditioning & Editing in Reaper, Uploading & Submission. Featuring live auditions from Voice123, Voices.com, & VOPlanet. See how a top booker books work!

From Hobby to Enterprise

A Voiceover Virtual Workshop

A virtual, interactive Voiceover Workshop designed to show you how you go from hobbyist to enterpriser. Go from rookie to Pro - and learn how to sustain it! Originally presented live through Zoom.