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Products & Services for Voiceover Colleagues


Videos of your Demo Reels.  Inspirational Books.  Contract & marketing templates.  A fully-functioning Voiceover CRM.  Training Videos galore.  Website & Social Media or P2P Profile Audits.  Demo Audits.  Business Coaching.

It's all here, and I would love to help you to affordably and strategically become the Voiceover Artist Entrepreneur you've dreamed you could become.

Super Voiceover Store

Interesting in starting out in voiceovers?  Been at it for a while and need some refreshment?  To clarify, I'm neither a Voiceover Coach nor Demo Producer, but I have a great reference for you if you're looking for one!

Visit my store and see what I have...in store! (Get it?)

To explore or purchase a la carte, visit any of the links below.  I offer some amazing products and services to help you get started, or to take your voiceover game to a higher level of productivity, efficiency, and success.

Website & Social Media Audit

Ask yourself the following important questions:

  1. Is your website structured properly?
  2. Is it mobile-friendly?
  3. Do you have all essential tags in place?
  4. Do you know how optimized each page is?
  5. Do you have images, and are they sized appropriately?
  6. Do you have the correct H1, H2 and H3 tags in place?  Too many?
  7. Is there enough keyword-rich body text?
  8. Is your demo player appropriately positioned & functioning well?
  9. Do you have a focus keyphrase programmed for each page?
  10. Have you run your website through an analysis tool like GTMetrix?
  11. Does your website load quickly?
  12. Do you use monitoring tools to ensure website uptime?
  13. Do you have a Google Local page directing traffic to you?
  14. Do you have a YouTube channel?
  15. Can you be found on all the major search engines?
  16. Do you have a social media presence strong enough, with quality inbound links pointing back to you?
  17. Have you built up local citations?
  18. Does your website feature original and fresh content?
  19. Are you portraying yourself as an authority on the subject of voiceovers?
  20. Do you blog?
  21. If so, do you use images that are royalty-free?


If you're unclear on any of these topics, we need to talk.  I've run multiple multimedia production companies since 2003, and all of their corresponding websites have been on page 1 of Google through thorough analysis, programming, and and constant retooling to stay fresh.

I will perform a thorough website and social media audit for you, in order to determine where you are, and what improvements need to be made in order to get your website functioning as it should.

Click below for a $125 website and social media audit.


Website & Social Media Audit

Website & Social Media Audit


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Voiceover Marketplace / P2P Audit - Single Site

How do your voiceover marketplace / P2P profiles stand out from the rest of the herd?  Are they optimized?  Do they feature cutting edge demos?  Diversity of voiceover performance offerings?  Do they show breadth of ability?  Are there calls to action?

Let me help you optimize your portfolio across any voiceover marketplace.  Each purchase is a single marketplace audit.  Multiple can be purchased at a bulk discount.

I'll work with you on:

  • Voice123
  • Voices.com
  • VOPlanet
  • Bodalgo
  • CastVoices

Let's get you noticed!


Voiceover Marketplace (P2P) Audit - Single Site

Voiceover Marketplace (P2P) Audit - Single Site


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Super Voiceover Docs

Order Voiceover Docs


Super VO Business Docs:
documents including contracts (with clauses!), marketing messages, goal tracking sheet, professional stationery like letterhead, and more. to up your professionalism and up your game, for only $50 - it's a steal!  Click here for more info.





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Fully-functional Voiceover CRM

Order FirstVoiceData

FirstVoiceData(TM) logo


FirstVoiceData: a Microsoft Access-based CRM that enables accounting, ROI, tracking, customer-follow-up, marketing, and of course much more.  Click here to check it out.


FirstVoiceData(TM) - Custom Voiceover CRM Software

FirstVoiceData(TM) - Custom Voiceover CRM Software


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Online Video Courses

Order Video Training

Visit my Video Courses page to find out more!

Inspirational Voiceover Books

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The Super VO Book Trilogy.  Running a Successful Voiceover Business.  How Do I Get Started in Voiceovers?  Five inspirational books - check them out here!

Quarterly Workshops - Live or via Zoom

Workshop group

I run quarterly workshops entitled "From Hobby To Enterprise" which are chalk-full of resources to help you transform your hobby into a full-fledged commercial VO enterprise!  Check out my workshop information and registration page for upcoming workshops!

If you'd like to be kept informed about the next workshop, click here for more information and to read what past attendees have said!  Thanks.

Voiceover Demo Videos



Do you have Audio Demos?  Of course you do!  So let's say you need to have videos made from those audio demos.  I can help you create something with moving graphics incorporating your logo, your contact information, and of course the demo itself, for posting to YouTube or Vimeo so your SEO score can improve.

I was a corporate and wedding videographer/video producer from 2003 to 2019, and have plenty of production and rendering experience to create some flashy video demos.

Here are some examples:

Email me for more info, or click "Buy Now" below.


Demo Reel Videos

Demo Reel Videos


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